2019 Conference Schedule

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

1st Afternoon Mini Sessions

Winning Draft Day: Techniques and Approaches for Hiring the Best Talent

Date: 12/03/2019 1:30-3:05 p.m.
History: Updated
Experience: All (All levels of experience)
Advanced Preparation: None
Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
Applicable Audience: Board Member
CEO/Executive Director
CFO/Finance Director
CSBG/Org Standard
HR Director/Manager
HS/EHS Director/Manager
Program Director/Manager
Type: Mini
Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
CPE Credits: 1.5
Julia Johnson
Senior Manager
Learning Objectives:
1. Discuss the changing workforce demographics.
2. Discover methods to predict job performance, outside the resume and interview, before the hire.
3. Identify best practice processes to prepare for and execute effective hiring practices.
4. Engage in meaningful dialogue related to elements of workplace diversity.
Session Description:
The workforce is changing rapidly, and so must our approach to recruiting and hiring committed talent. From role design to interviewing to predicting job fit, there are opportunities to stop hoping for that "unicorn" and intentionally find the best player for the team. Join this session to discover creative elements you can infuse into a hiring process that diversifies your talent pool and helps your organization thrive.